Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9. Berlin Night of Fashion - Living Faces

Very last post about
Berlin Night of Fashion!

All pictures taken by me with Nikon D3300.
(C) Maria Layla Barkat

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9. Berlin Night of Fashion - Val D'Azur

All pictures taken by me with Nikon D3300.
(C) Maria Layla Barkat

9. Berlin Night of Fashion - Steampunk Princess

Dear Readers and Friends!
This is going to be one of our last posts
about this Fashion Week in Berlin.
Get ready...
That was the view from the Front-row!

Amazing violin play...

The presenter, Peter Schuler.

Is Berlin the city of angels?

Front-row mates.

The end of a steampunk tale.

Friday, July 11, 2014



Dear Readers and Friends,
Let's start this!
After Berlin's Fashion Week,
in response to a request of many green-exhibitors,
I created a new section on my blog called
"Green Shop".

It will consist of a virtual window available for every
green and fair textile manufacturers
who want to expand their e-shop and
reach more costumers
by our New Magic Mirror!
To make this initiative grow over time

together with you, please share this post a
nd send your contribution to support us.
It 's simple.

Just press the button
on the right and make your donation.
Launch price 100€ for one post with 
permanent link for your costumers!
Thanks for your cooperation and your
valuable suggestions.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any other 
kind of brand's promotion.
Fill the contact form in (on the right side of the homepage).
See you in Milan, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona,
New York, Moskow, Dubai, Tokyo...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

MARCEL OSTERTAG - Modern Bohemian Rhapsody

Message to all PR Agencies:
next time I will need a seat in 2nd row
otherwise I won't be able to provide decent
Thank you.
All pictures taken by me.

BARRE NOIRE - Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week

Lots of people.

Bloggers Choice...
My choice? No...


...Fashion show has just started!

Menswear also.

All pictures taken by me with Nikon D3300.
(C) Maria Layla Barkat

Greenshowroom @ Adlon Kempinski Hotel Berlin

The free "Green-shuttle".
So much fun!!!

Inside Adlon Kempinski Hotel...

This way!

Menswear I guess.


Brandenburger Tor, outside.

Great views from above!

All pictures taken by me.