Sunday, April 06, 2014

Wetten dass...?

Night of fun yesterday!
This show
has everything you may want from a TV show.
International special guests performing,
betting with ordinary people,
having fun, making genuine jokes and
talking about their last projects. 
Professional presenter.
So...Here we go!

The studio, in typical "ZDF" orange shade.

Markus Lanz, the popular presenter
a few minutes before broadcasting,
saying this "Wetten Dass...?"
show would have been the last one
presented by him.

Markus Lanz with the Fashion Stylist/Critic, broadcasted.

The first "Wette", bet.

 Cameron Diaz (straight from LA),
actress and author of "The Body Book".

The comedian/showman Hape Kerkeling.

The spectacular end of his "Schlager" performance.

Another bet with the tender twins Nick & Tom (10 years old).

Veronica Ferres, actress.

Annette Frier, actress.

Anastacia - Stupid Little Things -  Live :
Watch Now!

 And the last bet.

Alles gut geklappt!
Everything was cool.
Thanks to ZDF staff!!!

All pictures / videos taken by me.


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Basel World 2014

Federal Councillor Ueli Mauer opened yesterday
the world's most important exhibition for luxury watches and
jewellery, Baselworld 2014, in Basel (CH).
Baselworld is also open to the public, runs from 27th of March to 3rd April.
Source: Baselworld.

Friday, February 28, 2014

ESME VIE - AW 2015 Presentation

During the recent Milan Fashion Week, 
we had the occasion of visiting the 
ESME VIE showroom in Via della Spiga.

ESME VIE, new fashion brand that , according to their own vision of beauty, proposes a
different approach, launches its upcoming Winter 2015 collection during an exclusive presentation at
February 2014 edition of the Fashion Weeks in Milan. 

The event , part of the official calendar of the
Milan Fashion Week released by the Italian Chamber of Fashion , took place at the brand's Showroom in the reknowned Via della Spiga, one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, and has collected
a select audience of journalists and buyers , including some personalities in the front rows of fashion shows.

In a personal response to the dominant trends of our time, ESME VIE embraces and interpreters the
classical traditions of clothing design , creating a " Beauty to wear" but contemporary
together timeless that comes from the finest materials . Launched in 2013 , the brand was declared the winner
of the prestigious Alta Roma and Vogue Italy "Who Is On Next " and then selected for Vogue Talents.

From December 2013, the first collection of ESME VIE has been introduced in the online store of the luxury online retailer
Moda Operandi , the prestigious department store Harrod's and other exclusive shops worldwide. recently,
ESME VIE presented a preview of the upcoming collection with an exclusive fashion show during the edition of
  AltaRoma 2014 .

As with his previous first season, ESME VIE also presents the Winter 2015 collection with
classic forms, interpreted in a contemporary way and declined again not only cuts and colors of the day
but also with our unique and prized materials . The richness of the materials and the large amount of the
artisanal work creations of the brand define the luxury brand, based on the traditions of the exclusive
"Hand - Made in Italy" .

Following the brand's philosophy of timelessness , continuity and combinability of all his creations , the Heads of
this edition include new forms and patterns, materials and colors at the same time pieces reinterpreted in a
as playful along with eye-catching combinations of rows and decorations with flower embroidery jewel , already become
one of the most popular hallmarks of the brand. The clothing collection is complemented by elegant but at the same
time playful accessories produced with precious materials such as mink fur coat.

The precious materials used for the creations include Satin Double , Double Satin Gabardine , Wool , Baby
Llama fur of mink . The range extends from classic shapes Column Skirts, beautiful and
Massive Panel Gore Skirts, Blouses in different styles at , the Wrap Jacket and Wrap Coats timeless , and
Special Princess Coat.

The particular peony flower , a flower among the most valuable in many cultures has inspired the color palette
ESME VIE for this collection. The shades of color ranging from Burgundy to Ruby, the Red Persian colors
has always been a symbol of love, passion , and happiness, up to the lighter shades of Pink, and Black .

Every single piece is manufactured by a process developed in time in brand's factories based on the same specialized knowledge and the same techniques already developed and used , among
others, from the masters of fashion such as Cristobal Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Mila Schön .

ESME VIE is now introducing its collections in an exclusive presentation in Paris,
part of the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week , 
helded at a Temporary Showroom, situated on the rooftops of the French capital.

Pictures taken by New Magic Mirror's team.
Text translated and edited by Me.