Sunday, August 17, 2014

5 Stars Lunch @ Grand Hotel Kempinski Genève

 Welcome to Geneva!

Jet d'eau.

To discover a city and experience it properly, 
there is nothing better than a first-rate locale. 
At a mere ten-minute
walk and 5 minutes by boat from 
downtown stands the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva, 
with an unimpeded view of the Jet d’eau, 
the Mont-Blanc and the Old Town.

Why is this Luxury Hotel so special?
What is that makes it unique in its genre?

Here are some of Kempinski’s "extravagant ideas".


Far from the usual handful of flower containers of

aromatic herbs, this is an actual garden: 30 metres

of plantation where one can admire over 16

varieties of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

“We are the only Five-Star Hotel in the city to offer such
an arrangement.
The symbolism that goes with it
is huge: we are relying as much as we can on
fresh, high-quality local produce.”

In the early summer of 2012, the
Executive Chef selected a
 farm not far from the city, where
cows have since been dedicated to the
production of dairy products for our
establishment: cream, cheese, butter, milk…
The Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is
supplied by farmer Claude Biéri of the Avully
farm, one of the last 5 in Geneva, which
collaborates with Vivadis dairy products.
Let us celebrate local production!

The hotel also offers its own wine, “the Grill vintage”,
a subtle mix of Merlot and Gamaret. 

And the establishment’s roofs is hosting
beehives for the production of Kempinski honey,
estimated at 80 kg a year.
Lovely nods to Switzerland,
 in line with the “Green Attitude”
 that has been developing
for over a year within our establishment.
Now come with us to meet
Le Grill Restaurant
at Grand Hotel Kempinski Genève
synonym of culinary conceptual excellence!

Watch the video!

I was recommended to try the "Fumoire", 
a tasty but healthy Starter made of thin raw salmon slices,
served with creamy guacamole and refreshing quinoa salad.

Open kitchen. 
So you can watch the Chef at work!

Le Grill - Location by night. 
So romantic...

Signature dish.

Perch fillets, a typical local dish, are always a
touchy subject: they are not easy to get from
Lake Geneva. By dint of perseverance, in early
fall of 2012, the Chef reached an agreement to
supply the hotel with one of the last local
fishermen. The FloorTwo is proud to present its
signature dish: authentic perch fillets from Lake
Geneva! No less than 50 kg of fresh perches are
caught each week to meet the demand.

This precious chocolate 
merveille was my dessert
I wrote precious for a reason:
This generous brush stroke 
on the plate is made of 
edible gold!!!

It all looked amazing and tasted even better!
See you soon!
Many many thanks to
every single member of the Staff
who made us feel like home.

 Some pictures are taken by me,
some are a Courtesy of 
Grand Hotel Kempinski Genève.

New Magic Mirror's team
strongly recommends the Hotel
and its Restaurants.
Book Your Stay Now!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

9. Berlin Night of Fashion - Living Faces

Very last post about
Berlin Night of Fashion!

All pictures taken by me with Nikon D3300.
(C) Maria Layla Barkat

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9. Berlin Night of Fashion - Val D'Azur

All pictures taken by me with Nikon D3300.
(C) Maria Layla Barkat

9. Berlin Night of Fashion - Steampunk Princess

Dear Readers and Friends!
This is going to be one of our last posts
about this Fashion Week in Berlin.
Get ready...
That was the view from the Front-row!

Amazing violin play...

The presenter, Peter Schuler.

Is Berlin the city of angels?

Front-row mates.

The end of a steampunk tale.